4 Way Machines

Here at JAF Forktrucks we supply 4 Way machines from leading manufacturers including Combilift and Hubtex. With lift capacities from 2500kg to over 10,000kg and a choice of mast and power options we can tailor a 4 Way machine to meet your individual specification. To find out more please contact us.



Four-way sideloaders are usually powered by electricity, diesel or gas. They are designed to transport and stack long, bulky goods within tightest space. The most common fields of application: wood industry and processing, industries where long steel or plastic pipes need to be moved. The four-way sideloader is available in a version with driver’s cab and driver’s seat. The four-way sideloader lifts the goods with the side fork and places them on the table – a storage area on one side of the sideloader. The lift height is approx. 8,000 mm All 4-way sideloaders can turn their 4 wheels 90 degrees, which is why these sideloaders have a very small turning circle and are used as soon as the area for a standard sideloader becomes too small.