industrial Tyres

The correct forklift tyres are critical to maximising the performance of your forklift truck. Ensuring your forklift is fitted with the correct tyres can see its running costs significantly lowered and vehicle damage greatly reduced.

Industrial Tyres

Forklift tyres are a critical component affecting the performance, efficiency and safety of your truck fleet. Our tyre fitting service offers an extensive range of tyre types and compounds so that the right tyre can be matched to your application and budget.

From economical budget tyres to the latest premium tyres offering outstanding performance and longevity we offer the choice and value your business needs.

  • Solid tyres (resilient or press on band)
  • Pneumatic tyres (air-filled)
  • Warehouse tyres
  • Polyurethane press-on-bands
  • Wheel rebonding

Forklift tyre options

Solid tyres suit indoor and outdoor applications or where there is a high risk of tyre damage and puncture. Their construction offers reduced maintenance and low rolling resistance on smooth surfaces. Application specific tread compounds can maximise traction in cold store environments or be non-marking for use in operations that require extremely high levels of hygiene, such as food or chemical manufacturing operations. Anti-static tyre compounds are specified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres to prevent static ignition and other compounds are specified to reduce excessive heat build-up which can make tyres slippery. JAF Fork Trucks can give you all the advice you need.

JAF Fork Trucks offer a mobile tyre fitting service which means you have even less to worry about and can continue with business with little interruption to your day.  The tyre technician arrives on your premises, gets the job done and your forklift back on the job.