battery maintenance

Proper maintenance of your industrial forklift batteries is an important part of keeping your warehouse operations running smoothly. When a lift truck battery is down, that usually means one of your forklifts is down and you are losing productivity. JAF Fork Trucks offer battery maintenance contracts to maximise your fleets performance and keep your trucks running.

Battery Maintenance

Few pieces of equipment take as much abuse as your forklift. In constant demand, it’s tempting to skip protocol when it comes to maintaining the forklift batteries. But for each episode of mishandling, the life of the battery is cut short.

To get the maximum life span from your forklift battery, to ensure safety and optimal performance, and to avoid unnecessary expenses, proper battery cell maintenance is vital. However, with modern workload pressure and a lack of available manpower, it is often difficult for customers to find the time to have a regular and correct battery maintenance programme in place.

Such lack of proper maintenance can invalidate manufacturer’s warranties, put machinery out of action causing great inconvenience to production processes and can prove extremely costly into the bargain.

So to help with this all too common scenario, in addition to general forklift scheduled services, JAF Fork Trucks can put in place a battery maintenance contract and thus take the responsibility away from your staff.

Regular scheduled site visits from specialist battery engineer to monitor battery cell electrolyte levels, clean your batteries, carry out safety checks and minor repairs and inspect your batteries and report on their condition at a frequency to suit you.

For customers who prefer to carry out their own battery cell maintenance we also provide on-site battery care protocol training.