A Guide to Routine Maintenance

Nobody argues about the importance of forklift maintenance, but sometimes maintenance can seem like a waste of time and money. The truth is that proper maintenance can actually save you money in a number of ways. Taking care of problems as they arise helps ensure small maintenance issues don’t become big ones; helps avoid costly forklift downtime; and most importantly, can help prevent accidents. Forklifts need to be properly maintained while they’re at work, too. These used forklift maintenance tips will help keep your forklifts running smoothly and money in your wallet.

It’s easy to put off servicing a forklift until “tomorrow,” but often that tomorrow doesn’t come until it’s too late. Stick with your servicing schedule and avoid costly repairs “tomorrow.”

Daily checks like oil levels, tire pressure, battery water levels and other routine checks are another thing that’s easily put off till tomorrow. Don’t do it. Once you make a habit of doing daily checks, they only take a few minutes and the day will come when you’ll be glad you formed the habit.

Also, don’t forget those essential safety checks.

If you notice cracking, splitting or weeping on your hydraulic hoses, replace them immediately. If left unattended these can cause major problems. Keep spares on hand and replace the spares as you use them.

Maintenance checks are designed to help you catch potential problems before they become real problems. If you find a problem, report it and have it taken care of immediately.

Part of forklift maintenance is taking the time and care to operate a lift truck safely and efficiently at all times. Sometimes forklift operators develop bad habits, such as dragging their tynes. That’s easily corrected and when you make a habit of keeping the tynes off the floor, not only will they last a lot longer, you’ll be saving on fuel costs at the same time.

Trained and licensed forklift operators are safe and efficient operators. Untrained forklift operators are often unaware of importance safety concerns and not likely to pay attention to forklift maintenance issues. Would you hand the keys of your car to an unlicensed driver? Why, then, would you entrust your lift truck to an unlicensed forklift operator?

Forklift batteries are expensive to replace, but it’s amazing how badly neglected they often are. Take proper care of your forklift batteries. It’s one sure way to save money over time.

We are here to help

If you need advice on the level of service and maintenance your forklifts require, would like to set up a routine maintenance service contract, need a thorough examination or repair  call a member of the JAF Fork Trucks team on 01274 491124. JAF Fork Trucks helping to keep your business moving.

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